The Trustees

Leon Jacobs (84) – Chairman

Educated at Prince Edward School. A professional soldier in the Rhodesian Army – later the Zimbabwe National Army – for twenty eight years, then employed in Cape Town as a Human Resources Manager, Group Security Consultant and Property Portfolio Manager. Now retired.

Michael Gibbons (52)

Educated at Hamilton High School in Bulawayo until 1981 then Bishops College in Cape Town. Registered as a Professional Valuer with both the Institute and the South African Property Valuers Profession. Since 1996 has been the Managing Director of Mills Fitchet Magnus Penny in Cape Town.

Ian Johnston (80)

Educated at Prince Edward School. Worked for BP and Shell, member of the management team reporting to BP Africa and the United Kingdom. Now retired.

Nick Linnell (69)

Educated at Prince Edward School . Graduated Bachelor of Law, LLB and BCom (Hons). Eighteen years in the corporate world. Now a partner in a business consulting practice in London and Cape Town.

Charles Montgomery (60)

Educated in Salisbury and in the United Kingdom. Owner of Polyhandy (Pvt) Ltd in Salisbury, then relocated to Cape Town in 2002 and became owner of National Cartridge Co which trades as Suburban Guns. In 2006 became 50% owner of Chair Crazy (Pty) Ltd.

Ant Grace

The Trustees record that Ant Grace retired as a Trustee on 28 January 2020 after serving for sixteen years and three months. A framed certificate was presented to him by the Chairman and it read …

The Chairman and Trustees of the M’dala Trust thank Anthony F G (Ant) Grace for his sixteen yeas and three months outstanding service to the M’dala Trust and for his total commitment to ensuring the success and efficiency of the M’dala Trust in providing meaningful and ongoing support to the Rhodesian and Zimbabwean pensioners who are the beneficiaries.

He was a founder of the Board of Trustees and a major participant in the formation process that began in October 2003 when the concept was initiated.

His maturity and superb business acumen, along with his understanding and patient personality, has enabled progress to be successfully achieved on all matters, especially those of major importance and difficulty. His overall involvement and participation have contributed immensely to the exceptional prestige and standing of the M’dala Trust.