2020 Golf Day

The golf day was planned for Friday 6 November but the limitations and restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic situation forced us to cancel. But, our focus is now clearly on 1 November 2021 when our next golf day will be held at Westlake Golf Club along the same lines as in all previous years.

The Trustees had intended that this year’s event was to be run for the express purpose of raising funds for donation to the “Zimbabwe Pensioner Community’ and had even re-titled the event as the M’dala Trust Zimbabwe Pensioner Community Fundraising Golf Day.

To maintain our intention of donating to the Zimbabwe pensioner cause a donation of R300,000 has been made to the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund who pack and deliver food packs to some 1000 pensioners in about 26 centres and venues in Zimbabwe about every two months.

Our fundraising efforts this year will be focused on a raffle and we hope to be able to recoup some of the donated R300,000 in this way.