Broad Objective

The broad objective of the Trust is ˜to provide food, medical and other practical assistance for the benefit of persons who, in the opinion of the Trustees, are poor, needy and destitute, including (but without limitation thereof) refugees and persons displaced as a result of victimization and political and social circumstances”.

Our original focus has been directed to pensioners from Rhodesia and Zimbabwe who resided in the Western Cape and who are identified as being in real financial need. We provide monthly food vouchers to all our beneficiaries, as well as paying for certain medical treatments, frail care and other ad hoc needs.

That support has been expanded to include former Zimbabweans living across South Africa and beyond. Today this amounts to R100 000 every month!!

In each of the years 2020 and 2021the Trust  donated  R300 000 in each year for the delivery of  food parcels to elderly persons living in Zimbabwe.

2021/2 brings a new challenge as we embark on a major capital project of upgrading old age homes within Zimbabwe. This will have us invest R1 million in five homes this year. We have already completed work at Edith Duly Home and Barbara Burrell Home (both Bulawayo), Westridge Home (Harare); Borradaile Trust (Marondera) and Eastern Highlands Trust (Mutare). 

The task is so much greater with an estimate total cost  of nearly R6 million to some 23 old age homes. We will shortly be publishing a special appeal for the balance of the funding required for this huge but significant challenge.