Pensioner Support

The Trust is provided with information of pensioners in need by the pensioner community in general and other concerned persons like family members, friends and neighbours.

The Trust does not give cash handouts, but provides support by way of Pick ‘n Pay debit cards and endeavours to solve pensioner medical, dental, hearing and mobility problems which are of an urgent nature. Over the years the M’dala Trust has facilitated eighteen cataract operations and eight hearing aids.

Currently gift cards to the value of R2,000 and R3,400 are distributed to the pensioners every month according to their particular financial circumstances and an additional amount of between R200 and R300 is usually added for the month of December. The present monthly outlay for gift cards is R51,050.

Additionally, an amount of R11,966 is paid to assist in the accommodation costs of three of the pensioners in care homes.

The total financial outlay each month is therefore R63,016.