The Pensioners

Below are some of the many letters we have received from our pensioners who receive support from the Trust.

Ian and Marge – To the Chairman and Trustees March 2006

I wish to place on record my sincere and heartfelt thanks for the financial help afforded my wife and me by your organization.

The cataract operations to both eyes have proved a great success and I can now read as well as see distances without the use of spectacles. This has allowed me to resume my love of reading and take up bowling once again. I was particularly impressed by the care and competence of Dr Suttle and greatly respect his ability and kindness.

The monthly contribution of money (gift cards) and food hampers have helped us enormously and reduced our dependence on our ever decreasing savings. In fact, the M’dala Trust has taken over the obligation of the Zimbabwe government in its duty to the pensioners.

John and Ann – To the Chairman and Trustees June 2006

John and I are overwhelmed by the generosity of the Trustees of the M’dala Trust.

Thank you so much for the Christmas hamper and the extra gift card amount. This has certainly made our Christmas very special and enabled us to have a few extra treats. In fact shopping was exciting and for once we dared to be a little extravagant. Your kind gesture is so heart-warming and we can never thank you enough for all the support you give us.

Derrick – to the Trustees 2 October 2006

As one of the beneficiaries of the M’dala Trust I underwent a cataract operation, performed by Dr K Suttle, which has been a great success. The purpose of this letter is to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Trustees and all the contributors to the Trust for making this possible

Shane – To the Trustees October 2006

When I fell on hard times several years ago and had to enter Musgrave Park I was amazed to discover that I was a recipient of the generosity of the M’dala Trust. This generosity has virtually saved my life. It has made a significant change to the quality of my life. I am extremely grateful to the Trust.

Rita – To the Trustees November 2006

I am absolutely overwhelmed by your double value gift card. Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness.

Nancy – To the Trustees October 2007

I wish to convey to you all for the wonderful kindness I have received from you during the year in making life more cheerful for me. I will always remember ‘M’dala Trust’. Greatly appreciated.

Ann – To the Trustees November 2007

Thank you for making such a big difference to my life with the gift cards. I can’t find words to tell you how much it means to me.

Renee – To the Trustees January 2007

Very many thanks for your good wishes and for the extra gift card for December and for all the other previous gift cards. Thank you for the time and effort in raising funds on our behalf.

Peter and Nina – To the Trustees February 2007

My wife joins me in expressing our united thanks for your help throughout 2007 and all the previous years. The December prize packet helped to create for us a lovely Christmas tide.

Marilyn and Patrick – To the Trustees April 2007

On behalf of The M’dala Trust and all the hard and demanding work that you and Leon Jacobs do for so many people. Our gratitude is boundless for such generosity and thought given in what the Christmas hamper provides. Also the extra gift tokens for something special over the Christmas. Thank you very much and God bless …

Musgrave Park Pensioners (13) – To the Trustees December 2007

Thank you for all your kindness to us over the past year. God bless you all.

Irene – To the Trustees January 2008

I don’t know how to thank you for your loving kindness towards me and the other pensioners. Words really fail me and I can but just say ‘Thank you’ for your most generous December gift of R1,000. Very, very much appreciated. This means that I can buy those vitamin tablets which I sorely need, but can’t always afford. I’m so grateful for your wonderful help and great kindness. It has made such a difference in my life and has also made everything more bearable. May God bless you and the M’dala Trust with His wonderful grace, mercy and peace and keep you all safe and secure.

Lena – To the Trustees 23 January 2008

I write yet another letter of grateful thanks. Your most generous gift at Christmas was a great help to me and I was able to buy a few extra’s for the Christmas stocking.

Shane van der Mark – To the Trustees 3 January 2008

The recipients of vouchers from here (Musgrave Park) were overjoyed and most grateful for the generous increase. Everyone has expressed their pleased amazement and has asked me to pass on their very appreciative thanks. We are all ware of the wonderful work you are doing for us.

Peter – To the Trustees 3 May 2007

Thank you to the Trustees for supporting me the way you do. Your support has given me confidence and a new meaning to life.

Musgrave Park – To the Trustees September 2007

I, and all of us with Rhodesian connections, here at Musgrave Park am overwhelmed by your generosity. It is impossible to express our gratitude. Your support makes such a big difference in our lives. Thank you very much.

Cynthia – To the Trustees November 2007

Just a few lines to tell you how much you have improved my level of life. I am now able to spoil myself a little once a month. Thank you so very much.

Lionel and Peggy – To the Trustees November 2007

The generosity and kindness which the M’dala Trust has shown my wife and I make us realize that there are still caring people in this world. We have found that our living standards have improved immensely. It has brought us peace of mind and we sleep soundly at night knowing that we don’t have to revise our budget or tighten our belts. We could not exist without your help. With heartfelt gratitude.

Ted – To the Trustees November 2007

It’s difficult to believe just how generous the Trust has been. All I can say is, ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!’.

Marjorie – To the Trustees 15 October 2008

I have just had lazer treatment to an eye which had almost zero vision and the results are spectacular. Thank you the M’dala Trust for making this possible – you are truely the lifeline so many of us unfortunately need.

Ian – To the Trustees – October 2008

Two very grateful pensioners wish to say a profound ‘thank you’ for the lifeline you provide every month. We are very aware of the hard work you all do to make this possible – again, thank you.

Lyn – To the Trustees October 2008

Thank you for the Pick ‘n Pay gift cards you send every month, especially the increase to R800 this month – I really do not know how I would manage without them.

Petro – To the Trustees October 2008

Three months ago I had the privilege of having my eyes ‘fixed’ – cataracts removed and the implant of artificial lenses. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had – truely a miracle. For the first time after an age of not being able to see too well I was able to see clearly. I do not have words to express my gratitude ….

Willy and Margaret – To the Trustees October 2008

The M’dala Trust to us means that we can keep our heads up and our dignity and respect. It also means our survival and we are so grateful to know that someone out there cares about us. For all this and for giving us back our pride, thank you.

Mary – To the Trustees August 2008

Thank you for the vouchers every month. I am now going to buy a pair of shoes instead of going around in my slippers ….

Patrick and Marilyn – To the Trustees January 2009

We wish to thank you very much for the extra amount of R400 on the December gift card. It was such a great help as we had so many expenses. We also wish to thank all the patrons, the donors and your amazing team of helpers.

Mary – To the Trustees January 2009

Deep appreciation for all the lovely clothing and the regular gift cards over the last year. I cannot express my thanks enough to all who make this possible. Many blessings to you all for the deep commitment to the wonderful service you provide.

Lena – December 2008

Very grateful thanks for the Christmas gift card with the extra amount. I am indeed very grateful and cannot thank you all enough for all the help you give me.

Dudley and Marg – December 2008

Once again it is our privilege to thank you all for the wonderful and constant support you have given us over the past year and particularly for the increased value of the gift card for Christmas. Without your help it would be a bleak time for us.

Ena and Jack – January 2009

Please convey our sincere thanks and appreciation for all the assistance and support during the year. The gift cards are such a help to us – in fact what would we do without them. And, then the extra amount for Christmas was quite overwhelming. Words cannot express our gratitude for all you do for us.

Di – December 2008

I enclose a small donation – the work you do is so vital to so many.

Derick and Desia – December 2008

There is little more that one can say other than that we are truely grateful for the assistance we receive throughout the year, without which the situation would be so much worse.

Gloria – To the Trustees December 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you (such small words for your constant support). Thank you for your generous assistance, which has made such a huge difference to me and now the extra R400 for Christmas. Thank you to the patrons, care givers and donors.

Ann and David – December 2008

This is to express our thanks and appreciation once again for the continued interest in our welfare and the very generous gift cards we receive each month. Thank you all so very much and please rest assured that your generosity is never taken for granted and it is greatly appreciated. We never intended to be a burden to anyone in our old age, but it seems an impossible dream that we will ever be compensated for our beautiful farm and everything else we was stolen from us.

Cynthia – To the Trustees – January 2009

Thank you for the regular wonderful gift cards. I am going to have lovely roast this Sunday thanks to you all.

Marg and Dudley – To the Trustees – January 2010

A short note to say a heartfelt thank you to you all for your ongoing support, without which it would be almost impossible to survive. We know how hard you have to work to maintain this support. Believe me, even though we do not write every month, not a day passes that we do not thank you all.

Judy – January 2010

Please forgive me for not doing this ages ago, but I thank you for all the kind and generous help each month by way of the Pick ‘n Pay gift cards. I am truely grateful, without the cards I do not know how I would survive.

Nina and Peter – January 2010

Thank you for the past and continuing gift cards every month. As we grow older – 80 and 90 years respectively – stress and the anxiety over health and financial matters seem to grow exponentially, but the regular and wonderful gift cards have greatly reduced this strain.

Ted – January 2010

You have told me before to not keep writing to thank you for the ‘Golden Egg’, but I feel awfully ungrateful not doing so, because I long ago came to realise that without it my daily existence would be very difficult. It is truely a life saver (each month). In this topsy turvy world it is hard to believe that there are people like our donors who are so concerned about others less fortunate and who are so generous.

Mick – To the Trustees – January 2010

It is with deep respect and admiration that I write to thank you, hugely, for your support in the time of need. In this very upside down world we live in ‘charity’ seems to be a forgotten value. With this in mind you have my gratitude and appreciation for the hard work you have done to make this possible. Humbly, thank you ….

Ena and Jack – January 2010

A sincere and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you all from us both for your genereous support throughout 2009. Where would we have been without it? We were bowled over by the extra (gift card value) in December and consider that you must be the best investors ever! Thank you for keeping us going – from two grateful oldies. What a boon the cataract operation has been for Jack – just wonderful.

Peggy and Lionel – February 2010

Thank you for all the wonderful things you do for us.

Ann – January 2010

This is an extremely grateful ‘thank you’ for the extra R400 on the monthly gift card for Christmas. Thank you also for the regular monthly gift card – I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me. May God bless you all for the hard work you do, and to everyone who makes it possible for me to receive the support.

Lena – March 2010

On 26 February I reached the age of 90. In my old years you people have made my life a much happier and contented one. I cannot thank you all enough for the very great help you have been to me.

Peggy and Lionel – February 2010

Thank you, thank you. You kind people have made a vast difference to our lives and to many, many others. Without your assistance we would have been going through very difficult and tough times.

Ian and Marge – February 2010

Once again I wish to place on record our sincere thanks for the fantastic help and support your organisation has afforded my wife and I over the past years and particularly the extra bonus payment made in December. Without your help we would be very much left without means as our savings are steadily depleted. Optimistic rumours of some sort of payment from Zimbabwe have as yet failed to materialise and we are left without any regular income apart from your welcome gift cards. We are ever grateful to you and your sponsors for the very real help given so generously and timeously.

Diana and Henry – November 2010

At this time in our lives it is wonderful being able to get your contribution to out limited income, especially if a dietary problem is a permanent feature in our lives. Thank you once again for your very welcome monthly gift.

Cynthia – November 2010

I wish to, once again, express my sincere thanks for the monthly gift cards. I have said it before and will continue to say that without your wonderful regular support I would never survive.

Marg and Dudley – November 2010

These days when we leave the store with our bag of groceries it is with a deep sense of peace knowing that tomorrow, the next day and all the next days we will be able to enjoy sufficient and nourishing food. Before the M’dala Trust support we lived in a state of near panic, not knowing if we could find the wherewithall to put a meal on the table that day. Unless you have been there it is impossible to know how this affects one’s life. You have not only given us material support, but you have given us oldies peace of mind.

Lyn – November 2010

Thank you for the increased vale of the monthly gift card. Without your support I am certain that pensioners like myslf would be poverty stricken.

Peggy and Lionel – November 2010

We will never forget the kindness and generosity that you have shown us. If there were more like you what a wonderful world this would be.

Marg and Dudley – December 2010

We are completely overwhelmed! How you did it is certainly a mystery, but we are deeply grateful for your magnificent Xmas gift. Thank you one and all for the untiring work you have all done ‘on our behalf’.

Shane – December 2010

This is to thank you and the Trustees very much for the extra Rands on the gift card for Christmas. It was most generous and it means that I shall be able to contribute towards the Christmas lunch with Mel and Doug. I am indeed grateful.

Also a big thank you for the Christmas hamper. A wonderful surprise.

Rita – December 2010

I am completely overwhelmed by your voucher this month – the extra R500 is fabulous. Also thank you for the gift parcel. How you manage to do so much for us I do not know.

Lyn – To the Trustees – 21 December 2010

I was overwhelmed to receive the Pick ‘n Pay gift card this morning with the extra amount for December. Thank you so much. This does make Christmas so much more special, especially with friends and family so far away. Yours in grateful thanks.

Cynthia – To the Trustees – 4 January 2011

Thank you all so much for the wonderful Christmas present. I have just been eating and eating some more, and I still have a few cuts of meat that will keep me going for some time still.

Ann – To the Trustees – January 2011

A very heartfelt thank you for the generous addition to my December gift card. It is greatly appreciated and made my Christmas very special.

Ena and Jack – To the Trustees – January 2011

Once again it is time to thank you all for the wonderful support throughout the year and for the special extra amount for the festive season – this will help so much into the new year. We say again that we do not know how you manage to continue this support, but surely you must be the best investors in the world. Where would we be without you.

Ena – To the Trustes – May 2011

Please convey my sincere thanks to the Trustees for your kind message of sympathy. Though expected Jack’s passing leavs a huge gap, but the parting is easier when i think of all he achieved in his 89 years. Heart warming messages from Scouts all over the world have helped me so much. I again thank you all for your help to us and I know I can depend on you in the days to come.

Cynthia – To the Trustees – May 2011

… also thanks for the coffee making machine (which was donated by a kind person at Erinvale Golf Estate). I am now able to have a wonderful cup of coffee each day. Bless you all for your help. I really appreciate it so much.

Diana – To the Trustees – August 2011

My sincere thanks to you and the generous donors of the beautiful clothes that I received last week, all of which are excellent quality and condition. Nothing gives a woman’s morale a bigger boost than having some new clothes in her wardrobe. Kindly convey my appreciation to all concerned for thinking of those less fortunate who really enjoy these wonderful donations.

Marg and Dudley – To the Trustees – August 2011

We have just received our gift cards and noted that the value has again been increased. We can only thank you from the bottom of our hearts and assure you that we are aware of the hard work you all do to ensure an easier life for us. Thank you.

Eva – To the Trustees – August 2011

A big thank you for the help you gave to my brother Claud and Maria. As you know Claud passed away on 6 June and his wife has now relocated to her family in Natal. The assistance they received from the Trust was such a help, as my daughter and I could never have supported them without it. We truely appreciate the help and will always be grateful. Thank you once again.

Marg and Dudley – To the Trustees – December 2011

We would like to place on record our very deep appreciation for the Christmas goodies we received. Thank you everyone for all you have done for us this past year. We are aware of the hard work you do on our behalf and we can only thank you again and wish you a joyous Festive Season and a wondeful New Year.

Desia and Derrick – To the Trustees – December 2011

With grateful thanks for your kindesss and generosity in helping us face the challenges which confront us …

Gloria – To the Chairman and Trustees – December 2011

With thanks to you and them for all the generous help this past year. The gift cards make a huge difference to my life what with rent, lights and goods increasing so much. Bless you all.

D and D – To the Trustees – December 2011

We are sincerely touched by the kindness and generosity of all those concerned with the M’dala Trust in providing us with gift cards every month, and for the additional gift of R500 for the month of December. Without your continuous monthly support we would find it extremely difficult to survive.

Shane – To the Trustees – December 2011

The Christmas hamper, Christmas cake and the extra R500 were all a lovely surprise. Thank you all for making Christmas special – all the gifts made a really big difference to the Season. Bless you all for your wonderful kindness.

Cynthia – To the Trustees – December 2011

I know I am always saying this, but thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift card and the extra R500, and also the cake and the food hamper. I had a really wonderful Christmas and New Year thanks to you all.

Judy – To the Trustees – December 2011

Just to say a very big thank you to the M’dala Trust for the most welcome Christmas hamper, the extra R500 and the Christmas cake. I can’t tell you how much the regular monthly gift cards have changed the quality of my life – especially being able to buy needy food and pay my telephone and electricity. The words ‘thank you’ seem so inadequate, but they come from my heart.

Ann – To the Trustees January 2012

What a wonderful surprise when I received my gift card to find an extra R500 and also receive a food hamper and a cake. Thank you also for the monthly gift card that I receive so faithfully without which I would not be able to eat. May God bless you all.

Nancy – To the Trustees – January 2012

I wish to thank you all for the wonderful Christmas goodies and the kindness that you show all year through. A little cheer brings great happiness.

Gill – To the Trustees – January 2012

I wish to thank you all for the Christmas parcel and other goodies, and the extra R500. Your kindness is appreciated more than I can say.

Lyn – To the Trustees – January 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the Pick ‘n Pay gift cards I receive each month and especially for the one received in December for R1,500, which made my Christmas extra special.

Di and Henry – To the Trustees – January 2012

Please accept our thanks and appreciation for once again allowing us to purchase some extra goodies for Christmas. We are very fortunate to be beneficiaries of the Trust as without your support and generosity our lives would be pretty misearable.

Ena – To the Trustees – January 2012

A sincere thank you to all of you for your wonderful support to me during the last year and for the added bonus on the December gift card. How blessed I am to be cared for by your incredible efforts. Please know how appreciative I am.

Ted – To the Trustees – May 2012

As the months go by I am increasingly aware just how supportive the gift card (Golden Egg) is in my life. For me it is truly a life saver.

My rent is going up again. Prices in supermarket rise so regularly that they no longer cause comment, until on realises that R100 at the till buys so few groceries.

I hope you do not think I am ungrateful because it is a long time since I last wrote to thank you all for this very generous gift each and every month, but I simply cannot imagine trying to survive without it.

My best wishes to you all and my heartfelt thanks for all the extremely hard and dedicated work you do – all the time – to care for the pensioners.

Dudley and Marge – To the Trustees – July 2012

A few lines to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the unfailing support we ‘oldies’ receive from you all. Your efforts are hugely appreciated and we are always aware of the difficulties you encounter to keep the your support going. Thank you, each and everyone.

Ann – To the Trustees – August 2012

A very heartfelt thank you for the increase in my PnP gift card. The monthly gift card makes a huge difference to me and I am so grateful to everyone who makes it possible for me to receive it. May God Bless you all.

Derrick and Desia – To the Trustees – August 2012

Having received the September gift card, together with the Chairman’s Annual Report, I find it necessary to put pen to paper to say a sincere thank you to the Trustees and Patrons for the help we receive each and every month by way of the gift cards.

The Chairman’s Annual Report makes interesting reading as it reflects instances of how the money, which is passed on to us, is actually raised and gives us some idea of what goes on behind the scenes, so to speak.

Without the help of the M’dala Trust my wife and I, and obviously many other of the pensioners, would be facing even greater hardships and so we are indebted to all who make the Trust a viable concern.

Marg and Dudley – To the Trustees – August 2012

Thank you for helping us to live our ‘winding down’ years in dignity and peace. We can only say a heartfelt ‘thank you’.

Lyn – To the Trustees – August 2012

Thank you so much for the Pick ‘n Pay gift card valued at R1,200. I was really overcome when I saw the increased value. I have given up my medical aid because it was so expensive (nearly half my pension) so now go to the local clinic, but still find it difficult to live these days – who doesn’t.

I bless the M’dala Trust every day and pray you will go from strength to strength. I have read the Chairman’s Annual Report with much interest and also bless those kind souls who give so generously.

Gill – To the Trustees – August 2012

Once again I wish to express my appreciation for your kindness and generosity, both now and in the past.

I have a cat, who is my life, and I would not be able to keep her if it were not for the monthly gift cards you provide. Thank you again.

Peter and Trish – To the Trustees – August 2012

Just a few lines to thank you for the generous financial support over the years and also for the most welcome increase, which means so much to our present daily survival.

Lyn – To the Trustees – 1 January 2013

I wish to thank you most sincerely once again for the Pick ‘n Pay voucher received yesterday – especially the extra R250. I don’t know how I would manage without the support. God bless you all.

Gill – To the Trustees – 27 December 2012

I wish to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful parcel of goodies and the extra on the Pick ‘n Pay voucher – I was quite overwhelmed.

Thank you all for the hard work you put in to support us old Rhodies – it is so much appreciated by us all.

Ted – To the Trustees – 12 January 2013

We breathe a sigh of relief now that Christmas has passed and we count up the cost.No matter how careful one may be Christmas is always a financial strain and this Christmas has been no different.

However, with apologies for the lateness my grateful thanks to M’dala and the donors for their gifts and the most unbelievable Christmas extra’s that have made it not just ‘a tad more enjoyable’ as was quoted in the Christmas letter to pensioners, but outstanding. Quite frankly I do not know how I would live without what I call my golden egg. Thank you most sincerely.

Lyn – to the Trustees – 2 February 2013

Thank you all for the wonderful Christmas hamper, additional value on the gift card, R300 in cash, Christmas cake and all the other goodies delivered today – all a real surprise. We all salute you for the work you do to support us elderly Rhodesian and Zimbabwean pensioners, without which we would not survive. Thank you also for the clothing and linen items, which were most appreciated and needed.

Marg – to the Trustees October 2014

Thank you. Not a day passes that I forget to say a quiet ‘thank you’ for the peace and contentment you have brought into my life. I feel so privileged and blessed.

Lyn – to the Trustees 18 December 2014

Many thanks for the wonderful Christmas hampers and gifts you delivered. I was especially thrilled with the rechargable electric lamp which will be fantastic in the ‘dark days’ ahead. Thank you for the fantastic work you are doing.

Marge – to the Trustees December 2014

My grateful thanks for the latest gift card, which has again increased in value. Your care and ongoing help enables me to live out my days in peace and dignity – a precious gift indeed.

Ena – to the Trustees January 2015

Once again my sincere thanks for your loyal support throughout the year and for the extra over the festive season. Where would we be without you. Please know how truely grateful I am for your ongoing committment in caring for our needs.

Eve – to the Trustees March 2015

This is just to say a big thank you to the Trustees for allowing me to receive a gift card every month. I cannot express how grateful I am and how it helps me to survive. The card has really eased my financial problems and I can even get sone of my necessary medication with it. God bless you all.

Marg – to the Trustees April 2015

Many, many thanks for the gift card which has once again been increased in value. Please know that your ongoing support is hugely appreciated and without your help it would be impossible to survive.

Desia and Derrick – to the Trustees May 2015

Once again we thank you and the team for providing us with our monthly PnP gift cards without which we would really battle to make ends meet. The hard work which every one of you have displayed really makes a huge difference to our lives and the fact that you have once again raised the amount involved by a further R200 is testimony to this.

Ann – to the Trustees May 2015

Thank you for the huge increase on my May gift card. It is very welcome and much appreciated. Thank you to all concerned in making this possible.