The Trustees

Nick Linnell (70)

Born in Rhodesia and educated at Prince Edward School, Nick is an admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa (non practicing) and a Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Zimbabwe (non  practicing). Nick spent eighteen years in the corporate world, followed by twenty years in consulting.

Michael Gibbons (53)

Educated at Hamilton High School in Bulawayo until 1981 then Bishops College in Cape Town. Registered as a Professional Valuer with both the Institute and the South African Property Valuers Profession. Since 1996 has been the Managing Director of Mills Fitchet Magnus Penny in Cape Town.

Ian Johnston (81)

Educated at Prince Edward School. Worked for BP and Shell, member of the management team reporting to BP Africa and the United Kingdom. Now retired.

Charles Montgomery (61)

Educated in Salisbury and in the United Kingdom. Charles is the  owner of National Cartridge Co in South Africa and a co-owner of Chair Crazy (Pty) Ltd. Charles lives in  Cape Town.

Christopher Bradshaw (60)

Rhodesian born and educated at Prince Edward High School. Chris has spent nearly 30 years farming  in Zimbabwe and  in the exotic meat industry. Today Chris is still actively involved in crocodile meat and skins industry. Chris lives in Durban.

Richard Ballance (72)

Rhodesian born and educated at Umtali Boys High, Richard played in the Nuffield cricket team and represented Rhodesia at Tennis. Richard is a Chartered Accountant.

Sandy Irvine (69)

Rhodesian born and educated at Prince Edward High School, Sandy went on to practice as an attorney in Harare before going into private business. Sandy is the Executive Chairman of Rardon Investments Private Limited, in Harare.